Jason Rabinovitch Criminal Defence Lawyer Toronto Jason Rabinovitch Criminal Defence Lawyer Toronto

Criminal Defence Lawyer
Jason Rabinovitch

have practiced as a Toronto criminal defence lawyer since 1998, successfully representing individuals charged with every type of criminal offence. I have defended against criminal charges in courthouses all across the province of Ontario and at all levels of criminal court, including Traffic and Provincial Offences court, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice for both jury trials and appeals and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Experienced Ontario Criminal Lawyer

As a seasoned criminal defence lawyer, I offer high quality legal advice if you are facing criminal charges, and vigorous and aggressive criminal defence with a personal touch. If you need advice concerning a criminal offence or quasi-criminal matter, I invite you to contact me so that we can discuss the issues, explore my becoming your criminal defence lawyer, and commence the process towards your best legal defence.

What areas of criminal defence law does Jason practice?

I represent clients in both criminal offence trials (judge alone and jury) and appeals (conviction and sentence) and represent clients with all manner of criminal and quasi-criminal offences, covering both summary conviction and indictable offences. I also accept legal aid.

I defend clients charged with the following criminal offences:

Do I need a criminal defence lawyer?

If you are facing criminal charges, or believe that the police are gathering evidence against you, there may be powerful forces working against you.

As your criminal defence lawyer, I can provide the appropriate legal advice and interact with the police on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected.

Will Jason personally defend me in court?

It is my priority to set a strong and personal relationship between lawyer and client relationship. When you retain me as your criminal defence lawyer, I will represent your case and assist you throughout the court process.

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