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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, I attended McGill University where I first obtained a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, followed by both Civil Law (B.C.L.) and Common Law (LL.B.) degrees. I completed the Bar Admissions course in Toronto, and articled with the criminal law firm of McGarvey & Logan. Following my call to the Bar in 1998, I worked in association with criminal lawyer David Midanik.

In 2000, I joined the firm of Worsoff, Silver and over the next 10 years, I conducted hundreds of criminal trials and appeals before the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal. I have represented clients all over the province of Ontario and have defended all types of charges under the Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, including Assault, Murder, Sexual Assault, Drug Possession, Trafficking, Production and Importation, Weapons and Robbery charges, Theft and Fraud.

In 2010, I opened my own practice continuing to defence all criminal and drug related charges. I am currently a member of The Law Society of Upper Canada, The Toronto Lawyers' Association, the Criminal Lawyers' Association, The York Region Law Association and the Peel Region Law Association.

Law ASsociation of Upper Canada

Toronto Lawyers Association

Criminal Lawyers' Association

York Region Law Assocation

Peel Region Law Association

he relationship between me and you, as my client, involves more than simply making legal arguments on your behalf. I recognize that when you meet with me, your situation is of utmost importance, and I deal with you and your case with all of the care, respect, dedication and diligence that it requires. When I am dealing with your criminal defence case, you will receive all of my skill, experience, attention and expertise in order to give you a strong defence and obtain the best possible result.

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I act as a criminal defence lawyer on behalf of my clients at both the trial level, at the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice for summary conviction and indictable matters, with and without a jury, and at the Appeal level for both summary conviction and indictable matters.

I have represented clients charged with indictable offences in courthouses throughout the Province of Ontario.

I have been practicing exclusively as a criminal defence lawyer since 1998 and have represented clients from all over Ontario in all areas of criminal law, including:

Violence Against Persons

•  Murder

•  Assaults, Assaults with a Weapon, Assault Bodily Harm and Aggravated Assault

•  Sexual Assaults

•  Domestic Assaults and Criminal Harassment

Driving Offences

•  Impaired Operation/Care and Control, Over 80, Refuse or Fail to Provide Breath Samples

•  Dangerous Driving, Careless Driving and Highway Traffic Act Offences

Breach of Court Orders

•  Fail to Comply with Recognizances, Fail to Comply with Probation Orders, Fail to Attend Court or Fingerprints

Property Offences

•  Robbery, Break and Enter, Theft, Possession Stolen Property

Gun Offences

•  Possession and Use Firearm Offences

•  Trafficking in Firearms

Drug Offences

•  Narcotics Possession, Possession Narcotics for the Purpose of Trafficking, Trafficking Narcotics, Importing Narcotics, Production of Narcotics

Sex Trade Offences

•  Prostitution Offences, Living on the Avails of Prostitution, Procuring, Forcible Confinement, and Bawdy House Offences

•  Possession, Distribution and Creation of Child Pornography

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